The most important projects-“What the Union is planning: Less bureaucracy, eye level with Russia”

The Union’s election manifesto is entitled “The Program for Stability and Renewal: Together for a Modern Germany”. The most important projects of the Union for the Federal Parliament election 2021 here in brief.


The  Union  wants to protect the climate more effectively – one of the main instruments for this is the carbon price. The following formulation can be found in the program: “We want to streamline the growth path of CO2 pricing and move as quickly as possible to a European emissions trading scheme for mobility and heating.” Translated, this means: The CO2 price should rise more sharply than decided in the future. However,  climate protection  should not be at the expense of low incomes, and the  economy  should not suffer as a result. 

According to the  CDU / CSU , synthetic fuels must be more widespread in addition to e-mobility. The  Union gives the auto industry a guarantee: All types of drive systems should continue to be allowed to be built and sold. 

Economy / jobs

With the help of a so-called unleashing package, the Union wants to move the economy forward. Part of the package is to free companies from taxes and bureaucracy. A focus should be placed on the latter in particular, because: “The dismantling of superfluous bureaucracy acts like an economic stimulus program and strengthens Germany as a business location  .” In addition, the Union supports the expansion of works councils and staff councils, and every employee should be represented as dignified as possible, who stand up for their own interests. 


A big point of contention about the election manifesto was the question of whether an expansion of the “mother’s pension” will appear in it. The CSU was in favor, the CDU against. In the end, it did not end up in the program, but it will remain a demand of the CSU. Whether it will really come is still open. However, both parties do not want to raise the  retirement age  any further; at the same time, the system is to be made more sustainable. For example, the state could in future invest a fixed amount per child in a pension fund, it would be a funded old-age provision. 

The abolition of the so-called black zero was only briefly discussed in the Union. Now it is clear: After the  Corona crisis  , there should be a balanced budget again.

The party leadership has already named  tax increase as wrong, and small and medium incomes are even supposed to receive tax relief. The solos should be completely eliminated in the long term, the Union is sticking to the debt brake. The top tax rate should not rise either. 

Social / living

For low-wage earners, social contributions should not increase. And the allowance for single parents is to be increased to 5,000 euros in the future. About real estate it is said: “Our own four walls are our home, a very high good.” Wherever living space is too scarce, the Union wants to consistently create new buildings. Energy renovation is to be facilitated by the state in the future. The Union’s promise to this in the election manifesto reads: “The desire to own a home should come true sooner.”

Digitization / services of general interest

There is a lot of talk in the Union about the “decade of modernization” that is about to begin. This also relates in particular to digitization, which is to be promoted in various areas: The term appears a total of 140 times in the CDU / CSU election manifesto. Climate protection should be promoted in this way, the railway network should also become more digital and consumers should be compensated more quickly via digital channels. Forms for complaints are to be abolished piece by piece. 

Migration / integration

The Union’s election manifesto states that the CDU / CSU would expressly acknowledge the fundamental right to  asylum  . The company’s own policy in this area is expressly praised, so it says among other things: “We have made asylum procedures and repatriations fairer, more structured and more efficient.” An expansion of family reunification is rejected, and obligations to leave the country are to be implemented more consistently in the future, because: “Anyone who commits a criminal offense in Germany has forfeited their right to stay.” The program suggests that the Union as a whole envisions a somewhat more conservative migration policy.

Foreign and Security Policy

In recent years, the part of the election platform that deals with  foreign policy  has often been placed far back. This year, however, the Union is moving that passage forward. The central demand is to put a greater focus on the Pacific region, the bilateral ties to democracies must be strengthened, it is said. China  and  Russia  must be met on an equal footing – and friendship with neighboring  Poland  is particularly emphasized. 

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