The most important projects -“What the SPD is planning: better wages, pension guarantees, climate investments”

The election manifesto of the SPD is entitled “Out of respect for your future”. The most important projects of the Social Democrats for the Federal Parliament election 2021 at a glance.


The SPD has committed itself to the goal that the grand coalition recently formulated in the Climate Protection Act: Germany should be climate-neutral by 2045 at the latest . The most important means for them is to massively boost the expansion of renewable energies – with faster approval procedures and an investment offensive.

Unlike the Union and the Greens, the Social Democrats do not want the CO2 price for petrol, heating oil and corresponding fossil fuels to rise any faster than agreed. To compensate, the EEG surcharge is to be completely abolished so that electricity costs fall. In addition, the landlords should pay the CO2 price. 

Economy / jobs

The SPD wants the federal government to invest at least 50 billion euros every year. Founders and companies committed to the common good should be given special support. Salaries and wages should increase, for example by making collective agreements easier to declare generally binding. The minimum wage is to be increased to at least 12 euros. Objective time limits are to be abolished, contract workers as well as permanent employees are to be paid. Mini-jobs should be better protected socially and usually turned into regular jobs. 


SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz has issued a pension guarantee : The pension level is to be stabilized at 48 percent and the retirement age is not to be increased. To finance this, more women and older people should come into work. The federal budget is supposed to raise the missing money. In the future , the self-employed and civil servants are also to be integrated into the statutory pension . However, civil servants should not be placed in a worse position. 

The SPD wants to relieve people with small and medium incomes with income tax . In return, the top five percent of the population should be taxed more heavily. The income portion over 500,000 euros (married) and 250,000 euros (singles) is to be taxed with an additional three percentage points. The solidarity surcharge for the top 10 percent should not be abolished. Large assets should be subject to a wealth tax of 1 percent. In the case of inheritance tax, the overprivileging of large business assets should end. A financial transaction tax should bring further income.

Social / living

Hartz IV no longer appears in the SPD program. It should become a citizen’s money that is more easily accessible and ensures a life in dignity. Assets and apartment size are not checked for two years, the safe assets are increased. Those who pay longer in unemployment insurance should in future also receive unemployment benefit I for longer and thus not slip into basic security as quickly . 

In order to make living more affordable, 100,000 new social housing are to be built every year. The SPD wants to introduce a temporary rent moratorium in expensive areas. Rents there should only be allowed to rise with inflation for a certain period of time. 

Digitization / services of general interest

The SPD wants to establish a “world-class digital infrastructure” by 2030. Every household and company should be guaranteed an Internet bandwidth of at least one gigabit per second. Federal, state and local administrations should offer digital services as a mandatory requirement. Every student should have a laptop or tablet and network access.

Citizens’ insurance is intended to improve medical care and finance it based on solidarity. Basic child security and further reforms for families are intended to strengthen children’s participation. There should be more fee-free daycare centers and all-day schools, and a right to mobility with free buses and trains for children and young people should be created.

Migration / integration

The SPD is committed to a reform of European refugee policy , with a reform of the Dublin distribution mechanism and legal migration routes. The Social Democrats emphasize the importance of the Geneva Refugee Convention and the duty of sea rescue.

Integration and language courses are to be expanded and made accessible to all immigrants from the start. Everyone should be able to attend daycare centers and schools directly. Obstacles to naturalization are to be dismantled, and multiple citizenship is to be enshrined in law. Marginalized groups should get a job in the public service more easily. 

Foreign and Security Policy

The SPD emphasizes the importance of the EU and wants to strengthen it towards a fiscal, economic and social union. The EU’s financing is to become more independent, for example through the taxation of large digital corporations, the CO2 levy and emissions trading.

In order for the EU to be able to act in terms of foreign policy, decisions should in future be made by a majority and no longer just unanimously, and the EU foreign representative should be upgraded to the position of EU foreign minister. The Social Democrats are committed to NATO, but want to upgrade the EU in terms of security and defense policy. The aim is a European army and European arms cooperation. 

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