The most important projects-”What the left is planning: four days a week, expropriation, abolish secret service”

The left’s program for the federal election is almost 120 pages long and is entitled “Time to act: For social security, peace and climate justice!” The contents at a glance.


The Left wants to achieve climate neutrality in  Germany  by 2035. To this end, the party wants to rebuild the  automotive industry  , invest in renewable energies and the ecological modernization of buildings. Germany is to get out of coal by  2030,  and electricity and heating networks are to be transferred to the public sector. The corporations are to bear the costs of decommissioning and dismantling nuclear facilities.

Economy / jobs

 The left wants to abolish temporary work and fixed-term fixed-term contracts, the  minimum wage  is to rise to 13 euros (now 9.50 euros). The Left wants to campaign for a property levy to  finance  the corona costs from a net worth of two million euros, for a four-day working week (30 hours) with full wages and for an increase in vacation entitlement from 24 to 36 days.

Part-time jobbers should have a legal right to a minimum of 22 hours per week, employees should be given co-determination rights in staffing and an anti-stress regulation should be passed.


The party advocates a minimum pension of 1,200 euros, lower pensions should be topped up. The statutory pension level is to be increased to 53 percent. Even  politicians ,  self-employed  and  civil servants  are in the statutory  retirement  pay. The left wants to immediately align pensions in the east with those in the west.


In order to finance its  policy  , the party wants to tax high incomes and companies more heavily in addition to the property levy, and also to reintroduce the  property  tax. The wealth tax should apply from assets of one million euros. Small and medium incomes, on the other hand, are to be relieved by increasing the tax allowance for income tax to 14,400 euros. The left wants to abolish the sparkling wine tax.

Social / living

Hartz IV  wants to replace the left with a minimum income that cannot be cut. Nobody should fall below 1,200 euros per month. She wants to introduce a new  Unemployment Benefit  Plus, which takes effect after receiving Unemployment Benefit I. It should amount to 58 percent of net wages plus inflation adjustment. Anyone who has been insured with unemployment  insurance for at least 30 years  should have unlimited entitlement to unemployment benefit plus.

The left sees living as a fundamental right, and is already campaigning – for example in Berlin – for the expropriation of large real estate groups. With a socialization law in the election program, the federal party also wants to pave the way for apartments to be transferred to public ownership and a fund for remunicipalisation. With a new housing industry legislation, a “substantial part of the rent” is to flow into reserves for maintenance. The municipalities’ right of first refusal is to be strengthened.

Digitization / services of general interest

Every child should receive a mobile device as part of the educational equipment and should be familiarized with digital technologies at an early stage. The left demands that it should also have a computer , printer and Internet connection at home  . All  apartments  in Germany should have broadband connections; Broadband and cellular networks are to be passed into the public purse. The expansion is to be funded with 10 billion euros annually.

Digital companies should pay taxes  in the countries  in which they are economically active. Platforms like  Airbnb  want to oblige the left to share their data with public authorities and to give competitors access rights. This is how she wants to prevent monopolies. Open source operating systems  are to be publicly funded.

Migration / integration

Residence and work permits should be granted regardless of the length of employment and qualifications of non-EU citizens should be recognized. The left generally rejects deportations, especially in war zones or as a “form of double punishment”.

Refugees  should no longer be housed in mass accommodation, but should be given apartments. Die Linke wants to guarantee basic school supplies for refugee children, as well as additional language and literacy courses for adults.

Foreign and Security Policy

This point is considered to be the sticking point for  coalition negotiations  between the Left, the  Greens  and the  SPD : The Left calls for the Bundeswehr to be withdrawn from all missions abroad and does not want any new missions. She calls for the dissolution of NATO and its replacement “by a collective security system with the participation of Russia”. Secret services are to be abolished and  arms exports  prohibited.

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