The most important projects -“What the AfD is planning: military service, nuclear power plants, space travel”

Bundestag election |  Electoral program of the AfD: military service, nuclear power plants, space travel.  Alice Weidel and Tino Chrupalla: They are the top candidates of the AfD for the federal election in 2021. (Source: imago images / Jens Schicke)

Alice Weidel and Tino Chrupalla: They are the top candidates of the AfD for the federal election in 2021. (Source: Jens Schicke / imago images)

The AfD’s election manifesto is a good 200 pages long and is entitled “Germany. But normal”. The most important projects of the right-wing populists at a glance.  


The AfD rejects the federal government’s  long-term climate protection plan for 2050  as well as the EU’s “Green Deal”  . The   AfD wants to terminate the Paris climate agreement and abolish all forms of CO2 pricing. Coal-fired power plants  are to continue to run, and additional “flexible gas power plants” and new nuclear power plants are to be built. The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is to be secured.

The AfD is against all  climate protection measures  and against a “climate hysteria”. Industry  and  society are currently being   radically restructured  to prevent a  climate catastrophe , according to the election manifesto. “We consider this thesis and the measures derived from it to be wrong.” There is global warming – but the AfD doubts that it will only have negative consequences.

Economy / jobs

Germany  should leave the European Union, demands the party, as well as from the common currency  euro . Instead, a “new European economic and interest group” is to be founded and a national currency introduced. 

The  inheritance tax  is to be abolished,  labor law  is to be “purged and made more flexible” if the AfD has its way. The AfD wants to set up a pharmaceutical-medical competence cluster, a development plan for quantum computing and business models for the use of space.

 The AfD wants to counteract an impending increase in  pension contributions through a higher tax subsidy in pension financing. This should not be counter-financed through tax increases, but through “consistent deletion of ideological political measures, for example in migration, climate and EU policy”.  Like other employees, politicians should also  pay into the statutory  pension scheme . The AfD wants to promote families in particular: Parents should receive back 20,000 euros of pension contributions already paid for each child at birth or be exempted from future contributions in this amount.

Taxes / duties

The AfD wants to concentrate on sales and  income tax  and abolish a number of other taxes for this purpose: For example, inheritance and real estate transfer taxes are to be canceled without replacement, as are the EEG surcharge, broadcasting fees and beer, entertainment , Liquor license, hunting, fishing and second home taxes are covered. Basically, it is the aim of the AfD to reduce the tax burden in Germany significantly.

Social / living

The AfD rejects demands for expropriations, as well as the  rent brake  or the  rent cap . She wants to discontinue or reduce social housing; low-income people should instead receive more housing benefits. Above all, the AfD wants to promote home ownership – for example through special tax depreciation for owner-occupied property. Rules for fire, heat and noise protection should be reduced to a minimum. The AfD wants to secure more real estate for Germans by increasing the real estate transfer tax for buyers without German citizenship and with main residence abroad to 20 percent.

Those who have worked long and are unemployed should  receive unemployment benefit I for longer  . The AfD advocates a reference period depending on the length of previous employment. Instead of  Hartz IV  , the AfD wants to introduce an “activating basic security”. Earned income should not be offset against the “basic security” – so even marginally employed people should always earn more than the unemployed. 

Digitization / services of general interest

Schools  should be equipped in a modern and contemporary way. But: “The first four years of school should mainly be digital-free rooms, as they serve to acquire the basic cultural techniques of  reading , arithmetic and writing,” says the AfD program. The Network Enforcement Act is to be abolished and upload filters on the Internet are to be prevented. The AfD wants to oblige providers of social networks to be “neutral in terms of content”.

Migration / integration

The AfD wants to  secure Germany’s borders from  immigration , and may also want to erect physical barriers such as border fences. Asylum seekers are said to be turned back at the border. Only qualified  workers  should be allowed to immigrate, only people who are particularly vulnerable and selected by the Bundestag are allowed to be admitted on a humanitarian basis. A “cultural and religious background that is compatible with German values ​​and society” is central to the AfD.

Only foreigners from the EU who have come to work or who have worked for a “reasonable period” should be entitled to  basic social security benefits . The payment of benefits over and above the unemployment benefit should be limited to one year for them.

Foreign and Security Policy

The AfD demands strict compliance with the non-interference requirement in the internal affairs of states. The  NATO  will limit their application to the field of Allies. The  AfD wants to lift the EU’s sanctions against  Russia , harmonize relations and expand economic relations. The AfD recommends that Germany should actively participate in the expansion of China’s “New Silk Road”.

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