1G rule introduced -“Berlin celebrity host only wants to let in vaccinated people”

2G or 3G: Many federal states are discussing the criteria according to which citizens should be granted access to restaurants. In Berlin, a well-known landlord has already made a decision and only allows people who have been vaccinated in.

The excursion restaurant “Fischerhütte am Schlachtensee”, which is well known in Berlin, wants to only allow vaccinated people in at events in the future. The landlord Josef Laggner emphasized to the “Bild” that he only wanted to let in people who had been vaccinated – and not those who had recovered – for his “17th Oktoberfest ” (September 26th to October 19th). 

Compared to the newspaper, he justified this 1G rule by saying that he wanted to be “on the safe side”. That is why this rule was introduced voluntarily. “With the 2G rule, I would have to check when a recovered person was infected,” says Laggner of “Bild”. “And then I should assess whether the immune defense against the virus is still sufficient. I can and I do not want to. I am not a doctor, but a restaurateur.”

The “Oktoberfest” in the Fischerhütte is a popular event among celebrities in Berlin. In the past, stars like the late star hairdresser Udo Walz celebrated there. In the location in the historic inn on the shores of the Schlachtensee, Oktoberfest visitors can celebrate with beer, pretzels and obazda for a flat rate.

The 2G rule applies in Berlin clubs

In Berlin, the Senate recently introduced a so-called 2G rule in clubs . This means that club visitors can decide for themselves whether they will only let in those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered. In return, almost all corona restrictions will no longer apply. There is no longer any need to keep a distance. It is also no longer necessary to wear a mask. The Berlin Senate has not yet introduced such a 2G model for bars or restaurants. The governing mayor Michael Müller (SPD) said, however, that he could imagine that 2G rules will soon apply in more areas .

The fisherman's hut on the Schlachtensee in Berlin-Zehlendorf (archive picture): Laggner only wants to let in vaccinated people in a series of events.  (Source: imago images / Schöning)

The fisherman’s hut on the Schlachtensee in Berlin-Zehlendorf (archive picture): Laggner only wants to let in vaccinated people in a series of events. (Source: Schöning / imago images)

It only recently became clear in Münster that this concept does not offer one hundred percent security against corona infections . Over 40 guests there became infected after attending a 2G party . Those affected are mainly immunized people between their early and mid-twenties.

Laggner is one of the most famous restaurateurs in the capital. In addition to Fischerinsel, the Laggner Group also includes the “Lutter & Wegner”, the “Augustiner am Gendarmenmarkt” and the “Newton Bar” in Charlottenstrasse. Stars like Herbert Knaup, Kader Loth and Catherine Flemming have also been guests in his restaurants.


The 2G model could soon apply in Berlin. Because Berlin’s Governing Mayor Müller has now openly expressed his sympathy for this corona rule.

Berlin’s Governing Mayor Michael Müller has promised 2G Corona rules for certain areas. Such offers only for vaccinated and convalescent people are connected with complex questions.

Nothing has been decided yet, said the SPD politician on Tuesday after the Senate meeting. In the coming week, the Senate will possibly finally discuss “how we can make 2G and 3G offers”.

2G in Berlin: Müller expects restrictions for unvaccinated people

The so-called 2G model goes back to an advance from Hamburg and means that access to the interior is only granted to vaccinated and convalescent people – who are then exempt from previous corona restrictions such as distance or mask.

For example, restaurants and hotels, sports or cultural institutions come into question. So far, the 3G rule has been used in many cases: This includes those who have been vaccinated, those who have recovered and those who have been tested.

“I assume that there will be an option rule after all, that we will find formulations according to which the relevant areas can choose to only allow people who have recovered and have been vaccinated to access the appropriate facilities,” said Müller. But that is a cautious assessment at the moment. “We will discuss this further.”

A 2G strategy, i.e. relaxation for those who have been vaccinated and recovered, but not for those who have been tested, is being discussed nationwide. Last but not least, the topic is constitutionally controversial. Müller made it clear that such a procedure would be difficult, especially for public institutions. Therefore, the Senate takes the liberty of “playing it all through in peace”.

In Berlin , the administrative court had overturned a general ban on commercial dance events in closed rooms some time ago. The Senate bowed and allowed clubs and discos to reopen to the vaccinated and convalescent. Guests no longer have to wear masks indoors. Unvaccinated people are left out – even if they have a negative corona test.

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